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Welcome to Da Que Barbeque – Where Flavor and Family Collide!

Da Que Barbeque wasn’t born in a boardroom; it grew from the genuine love for smoked meats shared among family and friends. What began as casual requests for brisket and pork shoulder quickly transformed into something extraordinary. By 2019, we took the leap and rolled out our food trailer. And In 2023, we were able to open our brick and mortar.

More About Us

Meet Dwayne and Amy Vannoy

In the early 2000s, Dwayne and Amy Vannoy embarked on a flavorful adventure that would become the heart and soul of Da Que Barbeque. Picture this: Dwayne’s dad dreaming of a hog roast, sparking a journey that turned a simple desire into a beloved barbecue haven.

Join us in celebrating not just the great BBQ but the shared moments, the laughter, and the stories that make Da Que Barbeque more than a pit stop.

Our Food

What’s the secret ingredient that makes Da Que Barbeque unforgettable? It’s not just the mouthwatering food – it’s the stories and traditions woven into every bite. Dwayne’s mom, with her commitment to putting three meals on the table, and his dad, who cherished family gatherings with a side of good food, are the unsung heroes of our flavors.

Our Values

At Da Que Barbeque, our family values aren’t just words; they’re the secret sauce that flavors every dish we serve. We believe in more than just crafting exceptional barbeque – we’re about creating a genuine, welcoming experience that feels like coming home.

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